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Saint For Sunday
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From among the saints commemorated on the 13th of June, we especially remember the life and works of Venerable Andronicus, Abbot of Moscow and Disciple of Venerable Sergius of Radonezh.



Saint Andronicus was born in Rostov, and was a disciple of Saint Sergius of Radonezh (September 25), and received the monastic tonsure from him. Adorned with every virtue, Saint Andronicus lived at Holy Trinity Monastery for many years.

One day, the holy Metropolitan Alexis (February 12) visited the monastery to speak with Saint Sergius about founding a monastery in fulfillment of a vow he had made when he was saved from shipwreck. Saint Alexis wished to establish a cenobitic monastery dedicated to the Icon of Christ Not-Made-By Hands (August 16), and he wanted Saint Andronicus to become the igumen. Saint Sergius agreed to this proposal, and the monastery was completed between 1358-1361.

Saint Andronicus governed the monastery for many years, attracting many monks to that place. Among the notable monks of that monastery was Saint Andrew Rublev (July 4).

Saint Andronicus fell asleep in the Lord in 1395, and was succeeded as igumen by his disciple Saint Savva of Moscow.