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Excerpts from the Akathist Hymn to the Protecting Veil of the Mother of God

Kontakion 1

O Chosen by the pre-eternal God, Queen of heaven and earth, higher that all creation, who hast in days past entered praying into the Church of the Blachernae, we, offering Thee with thanksgiving due veneration, flee with faith and compunction under Thy shining vestment for we lie in darkness.  And Thou who hast invincible power doth set us free from every affliction that we may cry to Thee:

Rejoice, Our Joy, protect us from all evil by Thy Precious Veil.

Ikos 1

Archangels and angels with John the Forerunner, John the Divine and the choir of all the saints, were present with Thee, their Queen, in the Church of the Blachernae and hearing Thy moving supplication for all the world, they cried out with wonder as follows:

Rejoice, O pre-eternal good will of God the Father, who has no beginning of days.

Rejoice, timeless and most pure who contained God the Son.

Rejoice, Thou never-ceasing wonder to the angelic hosts on high.

Rejoice, Thou all -threatening terror of the dark forces of hell.

Rejoice, Thou whom the many-eyed Cherubim meet in the air.

Rejoice, Thou to whom the six-winged Seraphim ascribe praises.

Rejoice, Thou whose most precious veil we born on earth thankfully venerate.

Rejoice, our Joy, protect us from all evil by Thy Precious Veil

Kontakion II

Saint Andrew with Epiphanios having seen Thee inside the Church praying to God in the air for all Christians, acknowledged Thee to be the Mother of Christ our God who ascended into heaven, and falling to the ground they joyfully venerated Thine all-precious Veil, crying:  Alleluia!

Ikos V

The assemblies of saints when they had seen Thee in the air inside the church of the Blachernae stretching Thine hands in prayer to Thy Son and God, sang to Thee a song in thanksgiving with the archangels and angels:  while we, our hands fortified by Thee made stronger than the arms of Moses, cry aloud with compunction:

Rejoice, Thou whose love and mercy towards us alone hold up Thine hands for us.

Rejoice, Thou before whom our enemies, visible and invisible, cannot stand.

Rejoice, Thou who drivest away the dark hordes of our passions and lusts.

Rejoice, Thou who holdest in Thine hand without being consumed, the divine fire           

of Christ and who with it doth set us in our coldness aflame.

Rejoice, Thou who crownest with chastity those who fight against the flesh.

Rejoice, Thou perpetual Converser with those who strive in fasting and silent prayer.

Rejoice, Thou speedy Comforter of those who fall from despair and sadness.

Rejoice, Thou who doth by grace provide us with humility and patience.

Rejoice, our Joy, protect us from all evil by Thy Precious Veil.

Kontakion VI

Saint Roman the Melodist, appeared as an unfailing proclaimer of Thy grace and mercy when he had received from Thee in a dream a scroll to eat; for thereby made wise, he began to sing with skill in Thine honor and to write praises for the saints, calling out with faith: Alleluia!

Ikos VI

O Virgin, Maid of God, who hast shone forth from the Dawn, from the true Son of Righteousness, enlightening all with the wisdom of Thy God and Son, and who doth lead all to knowledge of the truth those who cry to Thee:

Rejoice, Thou who hath given birth to Christ in the flesh, Power of God and Wisdom of God.

Rejoice, Thou who hast confounded the foolish wisdom of this world, and who hast guided those blinded by it on the way of truth.

Rejoice, Preserver of our holy faith and teacher of Orthodox dogma.

Rejoice, Uprooter of impious heresies and corrupting divisions.

Rejoice, Thou who well knoweth secret and unforeseen difficulties and doth tell those who ought to know them.

Rejoice, Thou who doth put to shame false seers and vain divining.

Rejoice, Thou who in the hour of perplexity doth place a good thought in our hearts.

Rejoice, Thou who doth turn us from perilous purposes and senseless desires.

Rejoice, our Joy, protect us from all evil  by Thy Precious Veil.

Kontakion VII

The all-seeing, long-suffering Lord, wishing to manifest the unsearchable deep of his mercies and love for mankind, chose Thee alone to be his Mother, and made Thee into an invincible defense for his people: that even though one of them appear worthy of condemnation by the righteous judgment of God, yet all the more shall he be preserved for repentance by Thy mighty protection, crying:  Alleluia!

Ikos XI

Beholding Thee in the air, like a radiant lamp burning in prayer, the Church of Blachernae, together with a multitude of the people who were in it, cried:  “Whence is it to me, that the Mother of my Lord has come to me?”  And Saint Andrew with Epiphanios prayed warmly to Thee, crying:

Rejoice, abundant Giver of all spiritual and bodily gifts.

Rejoice, true advocate of sinners who have started to repent.

Rejoice, perpetual Champion of those who do battle against the passions and assaults of the enemy.

Rejoice, invisible Tamer of cruel and bestial masters.

Rejoice, secret Rest and Consolation of humble and suffering servants.

Rejoice, most longed-for Fulfiller of blessed marriages.

Rejoice, swift and painless relief of mothers in childbirth.

Rejoice, our only Help in the hour of death.

Rejoice, our Joy, protect us from all evil by Thy Precious Veil.