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Sections from the Akathist Hymn to Saint Mary of Egypt and Saint Zosimus

In Akathist Hymns: Spiritual Hymns Written in Akathist Style,
by Natalia J. Garland


Kontakion 1

We glorify You, Heavenly Father, for You raise up sinners to sainthood in response to their repentance and from the boundless creativeness of Your compassionate and merciful ways.  Whether we live in the depth of depravity or in the peace of prayer, You know our hearts and You call us forth into Your marvelous light.  We see Your unfathomable love illustrated so clearly in the lives of the penitent Saint Mary of Egypt and the priest Saint Zosimus.  We therefore exalt You, Gracious Father, and cry out to Your holy saints, saying:

Rejoice, Saint Mary, beloved penitent and giver of hope.
Rejoice, Saint Zosimus, humble priest and finder of true holiness.
Rejoice, unity of all saints from every walk of life.

Ikos 1

"Forgive me for God's sake," said Saint Mary when she was found by Saint Zosimus in the desert beyond the Jordan River.  Indeed, forgive us, holy saints of God, as we approach you with our praises and supplications.  Forgive us, in the Name of God, for we are sinful men and women and we humbly bow down before you.   Henceforth, let all the repentant say, "Lord, have mercy upon me a sinner,"  as we devotedly bring forth words of praise to God's wonderful saints:

Rejoice, for you are filled with the Holy Spirit.

Rejoice, for you pour out your blessings upon us.

Rejoice, for you left behind your former pursuits.

Rejoice, for you satisfied your spiritual thirst in the desert.

Rejoice, for you understood each other's desire for purity.

Rejoice, for you beheld each other's holiness of life.

Rejoice, for God filled you with interior peace and beauty.

Rejoice, for your repentance and humility were acceptable.

Rejoice, for you fill us with awe and inspiration.

Rejoice, for you accept our quest for spiritual prosperity.

Rejoice, for God shines His wisdom and forgiveness through you.

Rejoice, for you manifested the Church in a wilderness gathering.

Rejoice, unity of all saints from every walk of life.

Kontakion 2

Saint Mary of Egypt, holy desert dweller, may we not depart this life until we understand the ways of repentance and the benefits of prayer.  To that end, may we also not live another day devoid of your guidance.  Lead us beyond the dreadful sins of our disobedience and above the plateau of any spirituality gained thus far. Let us touch your feet in veneration of your holiness, Saint Mary, as we reach out from our entrenched and habitual wickedness.  We implore you to cause the desert sun to burn away the coarseness of our conduct and melt the hardness of our heart, so that we may assemble in peace and say to one another:  Alleluia.

Ikos 3

You have shown us, Saint Zosimus, that true holiness springs forth from a pure heart.  Until we worship God in repentance and humility, and unless we love one another, then all our achievements are open to delusion and division.  You are admirable, for you overcame sundry temptations to which many people, believers and unbelievers, have submitted their souls with either relish or regret.  We therefore turn to you, holy priest and monk, and ask your blessing upon us as we offer you these words:

Rejoice, man of virtue, for God infused you with a desire for sacred humility.

Rejoice, holy father, for you acquired the grace of the Holy Spirit.

Rejoice, blessed elder, for you died to self and rose with your Savior, Jesus Christ.

Rejoice, priest-monk, for you were devoted to the Church from your childhood onward.

Rejoice, for God chose you for a purpose, and we turn to you in our imperfection.

Rejoice, for God granted you ultimate meaning, and we run to you in our insufficiency.

Rejoice, for though you were already a monk, you endeavored to bring forth new spiritual fruit.

Rejoice, for though you practiced the monastic rule, you sought further illumination upon your path.

Rejoice, for you journeyed from a familiar monastery into the mysterious wilderness.

Rejoice, for there you found salvation from your own thoughts.

Rejoice, for walked forward into a desolate land under the sun.

Rejoice, for there you met a living human being who had conquered the devil.

Rejoice, Saint Zosimus, humble priest and finder of true holiness.

Kontakion 13

From the monasteries to the deserts, from the great cathedrals to the simple missions, the holy influence of Saint Mary of Egypt and Saint Zosimus is felt by all the faithful.  Let us apply their sprituality to our various walks of life, according to God's purpose and mercy, so that we may all gather together now and in the Kingdom of Heaven.  Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia.


Saint Mary, we beseech you to accept our prayer, in the Name of God, for we turn to you in veneration of your holiness and in supplication of your intercession.  We also wish to dedicate our lives to the Virgin Mother and to go wherever she directs us.  In this way, we shall be blessed with true happiness and inherit the Kingdom of Heaven....